Welcome to the Chaplain's Office 

The Home of Religious Life

at Lehigh University




The Dialogue Center houses the Chaplain's Offices and is Located at 

661 Taylor Street between Taylor Gym and Grace Hall.

Staff is available during the hours of 8am and 4:30pm  Phone:  610-758-3877 


The office is currently closed but we are available by phone 8:00am - 4:30pm Monday - Friday. 
Please call Lynn at 610-758-3877 for an appointment if you need to see someone in person.  
Upon request, arrangements can be made in advance, via Lehigh ID Swipe Access,
to enter the Dialogue Center Prayer Room ONLY using the building’s side entrance.  
The Dialogue Center is not open or available for any other type of social or group gatherings at this time.  
Thank you for your understanding.  
To request access scan here. 

Email:   incha@lehigh.edu


The Rev. Dr. Lloyd Steffen is the University Chaplain. He is an ordained Protestant minister (United Church of Christ), a tenured Professor of Religion Studies who teaches religion and ethics in the Department of Religion Studies, and he is also Director of the Dialogue Center and the Lehigh Prison Project. The Rev. Dr. Steffen oversees all of the religious clubs and events on the Lehigh Campus as well as Packer Chapel Weddings.

Dr. Walead Mosaad is the University's current and first Director of Muslim Student Life and his office is also located in the Dialogue Center. 

Rabbi Steven P. Nathan is the Endowed Director of Jewish Student Life and Associate Chaplain.  Rabbi Nathan's office is located in the Jewish Student Center located at 216 Summit Street. 

Jane Hontz is the Coordinator in the Jewish Student Center. 

Lynn Spina is the Chaplain's Office Coordinator and Packer Memorial Church Wedding & Events Coordinator.




E.J. Dionne - Acclaimed Baccalaureate Speaker
Our Baccaluareate Celebration this year will be Virtual and available on Graduation Day. 
We hope you take a moment to join us in celebrating with our Lehigh Chaplain, the Rev, Dr. Lloyd Steffen, Dr. Walead Mosaad and the Rabbi Steve Nathan and in welcoming our speaker, Mr. E.J. Dionne.

Congratulations to all Graduates!



The Chaplain's Office staff joins the President, Provost, and the Faculty Steering Committee to deplore the recent racial incident on campus and to affirm our commitment to work for a community at Lehigh dedicated to equality and respect for the dignity of all persons.  The Chaplain's Office staff are available to any members of the community who wish to speak about incidents and related issues.  Conversation will be treated as confidential.



Troubled that anti-Muslim rhetoric has been spreading in the media and that attitudes of hostility toward Islam have been on the increase in the United States, we affirm the right of Muslims to practice their religion freely and without fear or intimidation.  We call on all members of our community to join Religious Life at Lehigh in celebrating religious diversity on campus, believing the Lehigh community as a whole benefits when religious expression is allowed to flourish.  We actively support this flourishing and are honored to have all religions welcomed and represented here.

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