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The purpose of the Newman Council is to organize and unify the Catholic community at Lehigh University. It assists the members of the Lehigh community in coming to a personal adult expression of the faith, provides a visible student symbol of active Catholic life to all Lehigh students, and establishes a presence within the local community. It also eases the transition into college-life and guides the Catholic students as they face challenges to Catholic ideals and teachings in the college environment.

Mass Times: 

Lehigh Packer Memorial Church (during semester times)

Sundays @12:10pm and 9:10pm

Mass Hotline: 610-758-4659

Holy Ghost Parish (St. Vincent de Paul Chapel)

Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays @8:00am

Fridays @12:00pm

Holy Ghost Church

Saturdays @4:00pm

Sundays @10:00am

Although the Newman Council endeavors specifically to build an active Catholic community on campus, all members of the university family are invited to participate in its activities. The Newman Center is located in Bishop Edward P. Cullen Hall at the Holy Ghost Church, 417 Carlton Avenue; all are welcome to partake of this facility. 


President:  Kelby Anderson ~

Vice President: Colin Grace ~

Secretary: Brianna Maslonka ~

Head of Outreach: Dominique Voitek ~

Head of Programs and Events:  Quinton Ritchie ~

Head of Prayer/Spirituality:  Tyler Longo ~

Athletics Co-Chair:  Giavanna Tabbachino ~

Athletics Co-Chair:  Mary Casey ~

Fellowship Co-Chair: Sarah Valeniti ~

Fellowship Co-Chair: Ali Toth ~

Grad Student Chair:  Peter Conley ~

Gryphons Co-Chair:  Quinton Ritchie ~

Gryphons Co-Chair:  John Casio ~

Greek Life Co-Chair:  Sam Striz ~

Greek Life Co-Chair:  Alex Arp ~

Green Life Co-Chair:  Brianna Cimaglia ~

Goodwill Ambassador: Sasha Ircha ~

Coordinator, Catholic Campus Ministry: Ronald J. Koach ~


Facebook:  "Lehigh University Catholic Campus Ministry"

Telephone: 610-758-4148

Fax: 610-758-6392


Lehigh Newman Center

Holy Ghost Catholic Church


Hillel is a student-run organization serving the campus Jewish community, and is headquartered in the Jewish Student Center at 216 Summit Street.  Hillel provides cultural and social programming as well as some religious activities. Its regular programs include Sunday "Bagel brunches," Sabbath dinners, holiday celebrations, speakers and film discussion groups, as well as an inclusive Passover Seder for the entire campus community. Hillel organizes transportation to worship services and a program of local nursing home visitation. 


President: David Molish '22~ 

Vice President:  Josh Rutzick ~

Secretary: Jenna Simon ~

Leadership:  Abby Bettenhausen ~

Leadership: Zach Freeman ~

Leadership: Amanda Hanan ~

Leadership: David Molish ~

Jewish Life Director:  Rabbi Steven P. Nathan ~



Hillel Society of Lehigh University

Hillel International



The Chabad Club is a recognized student religious club with a constitution that meets university requirements for clubs.  An independent organization in the community called "Chabad at Lehigh" has no affiliation with Lehigh University. "Chabad at Lehigh" is a local religious organization that serves members of the local community and is located off-campus in South Bethlehem.   For information about the off-campus "Chabad at Lehigh" organization, see: The unaffiliated organization, "Chabad at Lehigh," sponsors events and programs that include:

Weekly one-of-a-kind Shabbat services and dinners

Social events such as BBQs, Israeli Night, and Challah Baking

Guest speakers

High Holiday and Passover services and meals

Lunch and learns

The Sinai Scholar Society

Mezuzah bank

Birthright Israel trips

And much more!

"Chabad at Lehigh" can be followed on Facebook and Twitter


Outside Advisors: Rabbi Zalman Greenberg ~



Cru is a diverse community where the gospel captures hearts, transforms lives, and launches men and women into a lifelong adventure with Jesus Christ.

Schedule:  Weekly meeting:  Thursday at 7:00 p.m. in Neville 3.

Men's Bible Study:  Monday in The Dialogue Center at 7:30 p.m.

Women's Bible Study: Tuesday in The Dialogue Center at 7:30 p.m.


President:  Connor Cragon ~

Vice President:  Alea Oakman ~

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Joseph Yukich ~

Area Director:  Ed Hanna ~




Lehigh’s chapter of FCAIA encourages Lehigh’s athletes, Christian or otherwise, to explore their relationship with Jesus Christ and their relationships with their teammates and peers. Christian coaches are involved to help and challenge the members. The group holds roundtable discussions and practices an interactive form of worship that cannot be found in ordinary church environments.  Discussions usually involve both large and small groups, and last about an hour. The group brings in outside discussion leaders, including other Christian leaders on campus and athletes from outside of the university. The group also plans activities like retreats and bowling. FCAIA encourages its members to attend one another's sporting events. Matt Utesch, track and field coach, is the advisor.

Schedule:  Regular meeting on Sunday at 7 PM in the Student Athlete Lounge of Taylor Gym


President: Harrison Kauffman ~

Vice President:  Reagan Jahn ~

Treasurer: Chris Martensson ~

Lehigh Advisor: Matt Utesch ~


Fellowship of Christian Athletes in Action



The purpose of this organization is to bring together Hindu students, as well as those interested in learning about the religion, to learn about the culture and discuss issues facing Hinduism today.

Throughout the year we also celebrate various religious festivals including Diwali and Holi. 

Meeting times:  TBA


President:  Aishwarya Suresh ~



InterVarsity provides a safe and challenging place for all students to explore Jesus’ invitation to follow him.  We want to see members grow in their faith as they strive to live out Jesus’ words on Lehigh’s campus, study scripture in community, and engage in service, prayer, and outreach.  InterVarsity’s vision is to see lives being transformed, Lehigh’s campus renewed, and world changers developed.

Small Groups—open groups where students gather in dorms across campus to look at the Bible together (for times and locations see contacts below)

Retreats – a place where students from schools across PA gather to receive relevant teaching and encouragement to live out their faith on campus and take active steps towards Jesus

Camp – a week at the end of the school year where students gather at a camp to study the book of Mark together and examine their lives based on their study

The Well - a weekly gathering of students from across campus to learn from relevant speakers about following Jesus in college, participate in musical worship and prayer, and connect with others exploring or growing in faith in Jesus (Thursdays, 8 pm)


President:  Joanne Huang ~

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Michelle LeMaster ~

Campus Staff:  James Flood ~


InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA



Lehigh Multi-faith initiative (LUMI) invites members of the Lehigh family together believing that spiritual questions merit attention and discussion.  Answers to these questions will be varied, but honest witness to each individual's faith experience is worthy of respectful listening and civil discussion.  The group is pledged to affirming an attitude of respectful engagement and offering dialogue as a model for engaging across faith traditions, religious divisions, and denominational lines.  LUMI exists to encourage friendship and respect across religious, spiritual and secular identities. It does not privilege any one particular perspective on spiritual matters. The group offers safe space to discuss faith and the questions for which faith is an important component.


President: Mohsen Madhawi

Vice President:  Adrian Thomas deVera Suarez

Treasurer: David Molish

Diversity Liaison:Soren Bugtong

Secretary:  Steven Escobar-Mendez

Staff Advisor: Lynn Spina 

Program Advisor: Rabbi Steve Nathan



The purpose and aim of Lehigh University Chinese Christian Fellowship shall be to propagate the gospel of Jesus on campus of Lehigh University, especially to Chinese students, scholars, and faculties. The campus ministry of Lehigh University Chinese Christian fellowship emphasizes on Bible study, discipleship and community service. Lehigh University Chinese Christian Fellowship affiliated with Lehigh Valley Chinese Christian Church. It has a faculty adviser (Dr. Dong-Ning Wang; and a clergy adviser (Xiaofan Xiahou; from the Lehigh Valley Chinese Christian Church.

Schedule:  Regular meeting on Thursday evening at 7:00 p.m. in Maginnes 111.


President: Chao Chen ~

Vice President: Jinyun Zou ~

Secretary: Qi Qiao ~

Treasurer: Dinglun He ~



Muslim students from Lehigh meet for Friday Prayer Service in Packer Memorial Church, 18 University Drive (in semester) at 1:10 p.m.  Prayer led my the Muslim Director of Student Life, Dr. Walead Mosaad.


President: Jafer Hasani ~

VP of Islamic Education: Sarrah Hussain ~

VP of Public Relations & Marketing: Omar Ahmed ~

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Walead Mosaad ~



Lehigh Muslim Students Association

Muslim Association of Lehigh Valley



A student-run organization which exists to provide atheists, agnostics, skeptics, and believers questioning their faith with a place to meet and talk about a range of ideas. Generally topics of discussion center around religion (or lack thereof) and atheist culture but are entirely informal. The group is completely non-judgmental and invites anyone of any faith to come for conversation. We do not at this time hold organized prayer sessions.

Meeting schedule: TBA


Unknown at present



Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF) is the official collegiate campus ministry program under the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the United States of America.  OCF is charged with connecting Orthodox college students - and those interested in the Orthodox Christian faith - to Christ and His Church. OCF realizes this mission by:

Supporting fellowships on college campuses, whose members experience and witness to the Orthodox Christian Church through community life, prayer, service to others, and study of the Christian Faith; Providing a variety of thoughtful and innovative programming including College Conference and Real Break domestic and international service projects; and, Training lay and clergy volunteers as well as our students for leadership roles on campus and beyond.  The Lehigh University Chapter of OCF is under the spiritual guidance of Father Alexandros Petrides of Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Bethlehem. The group holds weekly dinner meetings, as well as outreach events throughout the year.


President:  Dominick Falcon ~

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Jacob Kazakia ~

Spiritual Advisor to students:  Rev. Fr. Alexandros Petrides ~

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Cathedral

1607 West Union Boulevard, Bethlehem, PA 18017



Lehigh Orthodox Christian Fellowship

Orthodox Christian Fellowship

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church



Campus ministry of discipleship and evangelism affiliated with the Presbyterian Church in America that applies the scriptures to the problems facing Lehigh students today while remaining faithful to the historic creeds of the church.  RUF has regular weekly meetings for fellowship and teaching, weekly dorm Bible studies, weekly social activities and periodic retreats. 

Schedule:  Regular meeting on Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. in Neville II


President: James Hadinger ~

Vice President: Briana Boulton ~

Treasurer: Samuel Ward ~

Secretary: Clement Mei ~

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Gary Harlow ~

Clergy Advisor:  Michael Goodlin ~

RUF Intern: Candace Blackwelder ~


Reformed University Fellowship

Presbyterian Church in America

Lehigh Valley Presbyterian Church

Cornerstone Presbyterian





The purpose and aim of STCF Lehigh is to promote student mental and spiritual life on campus and to work with the off-campus independent religious organization, Spirit Temple Bible Church.

Schedule: Thursdays 6:30-8:30 p.m. in STEPS 280


President:  Fiona Yuwei Cui ~

Vice President:  Xiuyuan Mary Li ~

Secretary:  Kester Ace Gibbons ~

Treasurer: Xiuyuan Mary Li ~

Faculty Advisor:  Tracy Lopez ~

Clergy Advisor: Dr. Ese Duke



UBF is an international, evangelical student organization that emphasizes world missions and focuses on one-on-one Bible study and discipleship.  UBF believes that the Bible is the one, true and only inerrant record of God's dealings with sinful mankind and that salvation is to be found only in Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of the Father, Who is both God and man, together as God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The purpose of the Lehigh's chapter of UBF is to propagate the gospel of Jesus to Lehigh students by studying the Bible and to encourage them to live according to the teachings of the Bible.


President:  Stephen Gan ~

Vice President:  Jerard Gordon ~

Advisor:  Mooi Choo Chuah ~

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Bill Pottenger ~ 610-984-3381

Clergy Advisor:  Rev. Wesley Jun ~ 610-202-0644