Student Religious Life Policies

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The University Chaplain's Office is responsible for all issues regarding Religious Life at Lehigh.  This designation of responsibility has been made by Lehigh University, a private institution of higher learning with no sectarian bias.  The University Chaplain, the Rev. Dr. Lloyd Steffen, reports to the Vice President for Equity and Community in his role as University Chaplain. Questions about religious group activities, aid with programs, and other information or assistance should be directed to the University Chaplain's Office at or 610-758-3877.  To assist students and visitors to campus, the following policy guidelines are observed:

1.  Questions regarding Religious Life, including those arising from religious groups, should be directed to the Chaplain's Office.

2.  Groups that invite visiting clergy or other religious professionals to campus should inform the University Chaplain's Office so that these visitors may receive a formal invitation from the University and thus be present on campus in conjunction with a religious activity.  As a private institution, Lehigh University could request that individuals not officially invited to campus be asked to leave.

3.  Religious materials may be distributed on campus, but the mode of distribution must be worked out in consultation with the Chaplain's Office.  The University observes a non-intrusion policy with respect to living quarters.  Religious group advisers must meet with students elsewhere than in residence halls, fraternities and sororities; and student residences on campus are not to be entered for purposes of distributing religious materials by any advisor or off-campus person.  The Chaplain's Office can assist in the effort to distribute materials in a non-intrusive way and arrange for alternative spaces for meetings, including the Dialogue Center.

4.  Reserving space on campus for religious life activities must be made through the Chaplain's Office.  The Dialogue Center at 661 Taylor Street is the preferred space for religious clubs that wish to meet for religious life activities, and requests for other space on campus must be made through the Chaplain's Office.  The Dialogue Center at 661 Taylor Street is available to religious life advisers for meetings with students, and the Dialogue Center may be scheduled for religious group meetings by contacting the office coordinator Lynn Spina at 610-758-3788 or

5.  Funding requests for group events must be made in advance through the Chaplain's Office.  Funding request forms are available on the "Documents" page of the Chaplain's Office website.