The Jesus Tomb

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An informal talk and discussion
Professor Ben Wright Chair, Department of Religion Studies
Thursday, April 5, 2007 - 4:15pm
Maginnes 113
Professor Ben Wright, who teaches courses in Bible, ancient Jewish and Christian literature, and the history of Judaism and Early Christianity, discusses the recent controversy over “The Jesus Tomb” documentary.  Professor Wright is uniquely qualified among Lehigh faculty to address this topic since his research focuses in the time period from about 300 BCE to the end of the first century, which includes the period of early Christianity.  
Author, co-author, and editor of several books, including Conflicted Boundaries in Wisdom and Apocalypticism,Professor Wright’s research has focused in Jewish Wisdom literature, especially a book called The Wisdom of Jesus Ben Sira; the translation of Jewish literature from Hebrew into Greek; and the Dead Sea Scrolls.
All are Welcome
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Sponsored by the Chaplain’s Office and the Department of Religion Studies