The Producer of Al Jazeera to Speak at Lehigh

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The Producer of Al Jazeera USA, Mr. Imad Musa, will speak on the looming war with Iraq, Saddam Hussein, and Arab sentiment toward Americans in the Middle East, during a presentation on:
Tuesday, February 3, 2004 - 4:00pm
Whitaker Auditorium
Imad Musa is a producer for Al-Jazeera Television in Washington, DC. He studied journalism at George Mason University, in Virginia, and the University of Missouri at Columbia. Imad worked as a correspondent for Associated Press and Reuters news agencies in Jerusalem throughout the '90s, covering the Palestinian Intifada, the Madrid peace conference and the Oslo peace accords. In 1999, he helped establish Newsweek's Arabic version. He has also worked at ABC Television in New York and Reuters Television in Washington. At Al-Jazeera TV, he helps manage the day-to-day news and produce a weekly talk show covering U.S. domestic and international affairs, "From Washington."
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