The Wizard of New Zealand Cometh! Event 2

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Spring on 4th Festival, Dedication, and Blessing of the Lehigh-Bethlehem Harmony Pavilion
Saturday, April 20, 2013 - 1:30pm
At the Pavilion Site between Webster and Taylor streets on the Greenway in South Bethlehem

So who is the Wiz of En-Zed? The Wizard of New Zealand (1932-) was born in England and was known as Ian Brackenbury Channell until 1969 at which time he consummated a fundamental transmogrification of his identity as the only officially sanctioned and empowered post-Enlightenment wizard. Founding ALF (Action for Love and Freedom) in the 60s and acquiring advanced degrees in the Sociology of Religion and Art, he eventually made his way to Australia and ultimately came to live in New Zealand in order to carry out psycho-social experiments in relation to his aesthetic cosmology. In 1982 he was declared a “Living Work of Art” and in 1990 the Prime Minister of NZ, Mike Moore (currently the NZ Ambassador to the US), appointed him to the office of Wizard of New Zealand. He specializes in a form of magic which involves altering people’s perceptions of moral and intellectual reality (accompanied by a dollop of levity). For more on the Wizard, see and The Wizard of New Zealand on Wikipedia.

Co-Sponsored by: The Chinese Bridge Project, The Dialogue Center, and the Lehigh Chaplain’s Office